The Atlantic School of Chartered Accountancy is a post graduate professional school of accountancy offering courses leading to the designation chartered accountant.

We have no bricks or mortar or permanent teaching staff. We are, in effect, a virtual university with courses available by lecture and on a distance education basis.

Students follow a cooperative program with mandatory practical experience being a major contributor to the development of the professional skills so important to success in the profession.

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What's New.

Significant Dates
Significant dates for the ASCA program have been updated and now run from Winter 2014 to Summer 2014 (click link to view)

New Competency Map - 2014
The 2014 UFE Candidates' Competency Map (the Map) is now available to view (click link above). The Map provides an overview of the specific professional competencies and proficiency levels that CA candidates are expected to demonstrate on the profession’s Uniform Evaluation (the UFE). It is used by the profession’s Board of Evaluators to develop the UFE, and by accounting academics in the profession’s professional education programs and in universities to ensure that their programs cover the required competencies. Employers consult the Map to ensure that their students acquire the pre-qualification professional education necessary not only to prepare them for the UFE but also to serve as the foundation for their practical experience. CA candidates are strongly encouraged to review the Map in preparing for the UFE to make sure they possess the required competencies to the expected level of proficiency.

Confirmation of Competency Based Practical Experience Form
Students commencing full time employment on or after September 1, 2009 must complete this form at the end of their term of experience or if they change employers or resign from the program.  This form replaces the old experience certification form.  Click on the link above to access a blank copy of the form.

Student commencing full time employment prior to September 1, 2009 click here to obtain a blank copy of the old Experience Certification form.

Student completing co-op or summer employment should complete the competency-based form.

CA Student Training
CA students can earn their experience in many exciting training venues.  Detailed information for students and training offices can be found at catrainingoffice.ca.  If you have any questions after visiting this site, please contact Lauchin McKenzie, regional CA Training Office Director at lmckenzie@ns.sympatico.ca

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